Pasco Lot Clearing

Forestry mulching in Florida

Pasco county is a fast growing county in Florida, and will keep expanding in the years to come. With this new growth brings a demand for lot clearing and forestry mulching.

If you own land with trees and need it cleared we have the team of professionals to do it, correctly. When we are done with our land reclamation and management services you will see your land without brush, trees or tree stumps.


Forestry Mulching

Right Of Way Clearing

Right Of Way clearing is perfect for cutting new paths on your land. With our professional land clearing and site development services we will clear a right of way for your road.


Forestry is one of the best ways to clear your land because it does not require any chemicals, fires, or burning. It is actually very healthy for your soil because the decomposition of the trees and debris will become a natural fertilizer. You will also get lots of free mulch too. The pieces are usually about three inches to four inches in size when the job is complete, unless it is further ground up into finer pieces, which can be done but just requires more time. It all depends on how much you want the pieces to be.

There are three different ways to clear your land, some land clearing methods are to:

  1. Spray – Spraying your land can contaminate your land and even worse make you sick with cancer from the chemicals sprayed. This is why it is not recommended to spray your land and clear it.
  2. Burn – Not only is burning land to clear it dangerous but it also wastes your wood that can naturally decompose back into the ground making it more fertile to grow fruits and vegetables.
  3. Cut – Cutting is the best way to clear your land. It preserves the wood, or wood chips that can be used later, or decompose back into the ground. Cutting is also the fastest and safest way to do land clearing services.

Root Raking For New Home Construction

Root raking will be needed for any new home construction. Please let us know at the time of quoting if you are building on the land or just needing to view it by foot. Many land clearing companies will not mention this so that is one thing you want to be clear on before you start clearing land.

A root rake can be done two ways.

If you are looking to build a house or business, or anything on your land you will want to do a root rake for the foundation area.

  1. The first way is to dig around the tree roots and then push over the tree with a excavator. Then forestry mulch the entire tree from top to bottom with the mulcher head when it is laying on the ground. As seen above in the video. This is a great way to clear your land because it also saves on haul away fee for tree trunks and branches.
  2. The second way is too cut down the tree, then get a stump grinding machine and grind down each stump. The reason this method of land clearing is not being done anymore is because the haul away fees for the entire tree stumps and branches are costly. With the first way above there are no haul away fees.

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